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For Beginners, DIYers, Woodworkers, Small Business Owners and aspiring Small Business Owners:

A 12-week intensive to rapidly master your woodworking and DIY artistry, build a following on social media, and craft a career around your true skills and style. First off, we appreciate your interest in working with Leslie and her team! Ultimately, the purpose of this call is to see if we can truly help you. If we are confident we are a great fit for you, then we will show you what we can do for you based on your specific situation, and then you can decide whether or not you want to become one of our success stories.

Please read the ENTIRE guide & share it with ALL decision makers before your call! This may include a spouse, a business partner(s), etc.

It is extremely important you do not skim or skip sections. This is made with care and attention to ensure our call can be solely focused on YOU, and this guide will answer a LOT of questions you likely have.

Would You Like Me To Personally Mentor You In Your Journey To your career and DIY/woodworking? 

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At this point, you are probably asking yourself “will this work for ME?”

... In order to help you make a decision about joining Leslie’s program, we have included case studies of previous clients, and an overview of what it’s like working with Leslie. Whether or not our program will work for you will be determined on the call after we ask you some deeper questions, but you will get more out of the call if you review the information and videos prior to our conversation!

Okay, what’s CreamCity Coaching?

CreamCity Coaching is an immersive coaching program started by Leslie Strickland. We provide hands-on guidance for motivated woodworking enthusiasts to not only level up their crafting/atristy skills, but also develop their sales abilities, and improve their reach as independent business owners. This may include (but isn’t limited to):
•Building a dedicated following on social media
•Booking high end clients in your niche
•Entering local and international boutiques/ consignment shops
•Honing in your artist skills through your craft
•Collaborating with industry brands
•Learning how to use tools

… and doing it all under the mentorship of someone who has:
•over 35,000 followers 
•over 10million views on social media(s)
•Consistent Bookings with International Clients
•Featured in Publications such as: ToolsToday, WeatherWash, Newspapers, Dremel
•Having multiple sponsorships through: Dremel, Keen Utility, ToolsToday, MicroJig and WeatherWash

To put it bluntly: She’s been there, and can identify YOUR sticking points FAST. We work together personally and get you through them, so we can get you where you want to go without years of trial and error, YouTube rabbit holes, or “gurus” who haven’t done it themselves at a high level.

Look Behind The Scenes of What’s Included In CreamCity Coaching: BTS of Leslie

Here’s a snippet of how her Coaching works. Leslie will meet with you via Zoom and dive deep into the particular issue you’re having. Whether you’re first starting out, or have been in the industry for years and need to take off your blinders. All of these calls are uploaded in the members area and archived for 24/7 access.

In Depth Explanations in HOW Leslie Books Clients, gets Featured in publications, and promotes her business through social media!

Each session is complemented with an exact outline on how to develop your crafting skills as well as develop your company strategy. Much like a bodybuilder, you may CHOOSE which style of business person you’d like to become!

Still Not Convinced? 

Here’s what just a few of Leslie’s fans and current clients are saying....

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t skip these! This will save you time by answering questions you already have and many you may not have thought of yet! 


Thank you for taking the time, and we look forward to diving deep on our call together!